Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I live in Crazytown, USA, where they can find $100,000.00 to spy on people, but they can't seem to put that same amount of money, time or energy towards finding homes for homeless families.  Don't believe me?  Read this:


As a homeless veteran, this disgusts and embarrasses me.  That I could be part of a community who so clearly have their priorities all screwed up.  That they'd be able to sleep comfortably in their multi-million dollar McMansions, blissfully unaware and unconcerned about what's happening in the 'real world'.  That they don't care.  County Executive Ike Leggett said some platitude about 'no one in his county should go without a roof over their heads.' Uhmmnn... Not to sound ungrateful or anything - but I assumed he meant a permanent roof, not the multitude of temporary hotel/motel roofs we've been subjected to over these last six months.
It's untenable.  They're building a fancy, new hotel in the heart of Town Center, for rich people to wine and dine in.  Ok,...then they tear down low-income, affordable housing to make way for fancy new townhouses - once again - for rich people.  To their credit, they've recently built two new retirement homes - once again - for rich OLD people (notice the distinction there?)  They're unabashedly pricing out the very people who made this an "ALL AMERICA TOWN" (yeah.... that's their slogan).  Gone is the skating rink for the kids, the putt-putt golf, the gaming arcade, the pool hall.  This is becoming yuppytown aka crazytown.  It's not even the same place I enjoyed raising my kids in just ten years ago.  It's a shadow of it's former self.  The prejudice and bigotry not even bothered to be hidden anymore.  If you make less than $50,000.00 - it's goodbye, so long, see ya later, sayonara..... Don't let the doorknob hit ya... Well, you get my point. Welcome to CRAZYTOWN.

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