Saturday, June 28, 2014


We've butchered the English language.  We throw around terms way, way too cavalierly.  But,  there are times when certain phrases fit certain people.  

In the many dealings I've had with Social Services, Police, court personnel, Judges and housing 'specialists' here lately, I've come to the conclusion that there are truly, evil people in this world;  I know this - because I've seen them up close and personal.  So, here's my 'evil people' roll call:

Kevin McParland, Esquire

Stacy Brooks, Rockville Housing Enterprises Account Manager

Gerry Peet, Rockville Housing Enterprises Property Manager

Montgomery County, MD Police and Sheriffs Officers (you know who you are)

Denise Anderson, DHHS Manager

Vera Johnson, DHHS Manager

Ina Weiser, DHS Case Worker

Uma Ahluwalia, DHHS Director

Trudye Khan, DHHS Assistant Director

Shaun Donovan, HUD Director

James Brown, HUD Regional Director

Catherine Scaringi, HUD OIG Investigator

The above is just a short list, but definitely stand out among the most evil I've had the misfortune of coming into contact with this last year.  There are others, the ones who used my private information to benefit themselves, and forward their fraudulent schemes;  The ones who actively worked behind the scenes counter to my goal of housing stability.  The ones who were so blinded by their racist, discriminatory practices and old-school belief systems, they couldn't see straight.  Those politicians and elected officials who couldn't be bothered to return my phone calls, or suspend their (re)election campaigns long enough to look into this disabled veterans claims, and numerous pleas for help.  Those who ignored President Obama's many initiatives to rapidly re-house homeless people, without pre-conditions;  Who enjoyed watching me wiggle and squirm during their many pointless interrogations about why and how I became homeless - determined to find fault with my decisions and lifestyle.  

It's said that the number of psychopaths and sociopaths slinking through our society masquerading as 'human' is more than originally thought;  I've had to interact with these people as a condition of receiving benefits.  I know they're evil, because being in their presence made my skin crawl, and the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.  That's what true evil feels like: Like you can't escape their presence fast enough;  Like you need to take a shower after being in the same room with them, like you'd be only too happy never to see them again.  You can see it in their eyes:  Their soulless, black eyes.  The glint of glee they get when they use their power to say: "NO";  Those who lied directly to my face, and repeatedly used disgusting manipulation techniques to further my emotional and psychological distress.  The list goes on, and on....

What's to be done about these people?  Why, Karma - of course.  Karma can be a BITCH...

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