Friday, November 4, 2011


'Biting the hand that feeds you':

Definition: turn against a friend or supporter; repay kindness with wrong
Explanation: Used when talking about someone who does not appreciate those who have helped her
Examples: He is biting the hand that feeds him if he continues to criticize and fight against his superiors. - Remember to not bite the hand that feeds you when speaking to your parents.
Soooooo....You may ask: Why would you dare to criticize an agency which has helped you and your family? To which I would reply: They haven't.
Not when they uprooted us twice for their own, selfish, monetary gain, made empty promises, refused to abide by our lease agreement, and consistently harassed, threatened and intimidated myself as well as other residents into submission.  When they move children and families around the County like we're chattel, causing children to worry and switch schools - disrupting their lives without regard.  When they adopt the attitude that they're impervious to criticism and outside review -  to the detriment of residents;  When they disregard the health, safety, psychological and emotional well-being of residents - they're not helping.
When they stand by idly and let their staff grossly mismanage public funds, as well as resident savings... They're not helping.  But, most of all, I'm tired.  I'm tired of waiting for someone to notice the fraud, for someone to speak-up on my behalf, for someone to right this wrong.
I put up with HUD and their nonsense for almost 10 years.  The Cherokee in me is deeply offended that our government still thinks it's ok to displace people at will, for their own convenience, and at their leisure.
I want them to see me as a person.  A Mother who is trying to provide a safe, stable home for my children, yet is being blocked at every turn - by HUD.

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