Sunday, November 6, 2011


I know what you're thinking:  What I've said can't possibly be true, because there're agencies in place to make sure that housing is safe for residents.  And I would tell you that - no - in this town, there are not.  

Take our local Code Enforcement Department:  They're so busy cozying up to City officials and landlords that they could really care less about the safety of housing for residents.  I know - because every time I called them to help me with an issue regarding deficient HUD housing, they would come out, and instead find a reason to cite ME for some sort of deficiency on MY part.  No lie - 

Instead of caring about termites on my property, they cited ME for the debris Orkin had displaced from the basement when they came to spray for the termites.

Instead of caring about the toxic levels of mold in my house, they chose to cite ME for an inoperable vehicle parked in my driveway (although it was within legal guidelines).

Instead of caring about faulty electrical wiring in my home, they cited ME for grass that was 2" high (one inch higher than regulation allows).

Instead of caring about peeling lead paint in my house, they cited ME for overgrown shrubbery. 

All of this is a matter of public record - I have no reason to lie.  Time after time, Code Enforcement proved their incompetence by being overly concerned with the City's bottom line, and bullying residents into compliance.  For years they harassed and cited me to the point of distraction.  It was bizarre. They never helped me in my quest for safe housing for myself and my son - never, not once.

Even with the open sewage drain on this current property - did they care? NO.  I personally showed one of their agents the clogged/overflowing drain (aka MOAT) next to my house which was sickening us, but his only response was: "That's not my department."  Comforting :-/

But, here's the thing:  When it comes to the health and welfare of people - especially residents who expect a certain level of safety regarding their home and neighborhood;  And who pay good money to live here - it SHOULD be his department.

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