Sunday, November 6, 2011


We live in a police state.  This is the only part of town where there are cameras mounted on top of the street lights monitoring our every move.  Granted, this used to be an open-air drug market, but still.......

I don't like them.  Most of the residents here don't like them.  In fact, it hurt the sensibilities of  residents so much that installation of them was problematic.  They kept getting torn down.  Who wants a camera watching your every move?!

There's one trained on my front door.  I guess they're unnaturally interested in my comings and goings. *Sigh*.  I'm pretty sure it's a violation of my civil liberties, but I've been so busy getting sick this last year, that I've had to pick my battles.  

Then, I gotta wonder where the money for installation and monitoring comes from.... Hhhhmmm... Another example of our taxpayer dollars at waste - Uh, I mean - at work?

It's just a little too much like 'Big Brother' for me.  I could see if I was doing something wrong, or if someone else were doing something wrong, but this neighborhood has improved 75% since then, so now it's time for them to come down.  Except they won't.

This City likes to monitor and control certain uuuhhhh, how to say this? 'segments' of their population like animals in cages.  It gives them a sense of power and superiority.  Well, goody for them.  If they want to use the cameras to foster their God-complex, then so be it.

I think it all comes down to Karma.  Where there is injustice in the world, there is also justice.  Maybe this blog is justice.  It feels like it.  If I can expose them for the evil, hypocritical slumlords that they are, then they can watch my front door.  I think it's a fair trade-off.  What do you think?

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