Sunday, November 6, 2011


"Maybe if you weren't so busy complaining, you could concentrate on school, or better yet - get a JOB !"  This from the same dimwit who told me to close my sons window so he wouldn't keep getting headaches from the drycleaner fumes of the laundromat next door.  Like I enjoy living in sub-standard housing, and get my rocks off finding fault where there is none (and here I'm being facetious).  That insensitive comment might not be so bad, except it came from someone in my rental office.  They're not the brightest stars in the sky....

For the record:  I DON'T LIKE COMPLAINING.  It does nothing for my emotional health and well-being.  And, it's worth noting that I was a totally compliant, reasonable and rational resident for 9 long, hard years before I blew my top - so to speak.  But, when there's no Resident Council to voice resident concerns - a PHA (Public Housing Authority) might be tempted to run roughshod over it's residents.  And, since HUD no longer randomly polls residents with their satisfaction surveys through the REAC division; Violations can and will occur.  Currently, there aren't margins for error - there are big, gaping holes.  And, who suffers as a result?  Us residents.  

If this isn't the wake-up call it's intended to be, then I don't know what else to say... smh... (shaking my head)....

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