Thursday, November 3, 2011


Okay.  We all know Wall Street sucks, Madoff sucks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac suck.  Now, I submit to you a concept which may not be new:  HUD SUCKS.

WHAT?! How could I say that?! Because I've been a resident of HUD housing for the last 9 years, and every year it's drama with them.  One year, they decided to bulldoze my entire housing complex for gentrification purposes (for those of you who don't know: that means they got rid of the black people to make more room for the white ones).  So, since we were in their way just by virtue of our existence - they evicted all 200 of us.  Yup.  In fact, HUD does this so often they even have written procedures governing how to do it efficiently.  Then, they moved my family and I into a home rife with mold.  Then - when we complained - they threatened us with eviction, and moved us to a different home next to an open sewage drain.  Now, since I complained about that - they're threatening to evict us yet again in retaliation.  Nice people.  These are the same people who - every time you turn around are breaking their arms patting themselves on their backs and bragging about how much they HELP people.  Last I knew - "helping" didn't include bullying, intimidation and threats.

It doesn't matter who you complain to, or what you say - they - like alot of other people who shall remain nameless - hide behind their corporate structures and wooden desks.  They won't return my phone calls, and ignore letters from my attorneys.  Like I said - nice people.

This is the automated response I got when I tried to report my PHA (Public Housing Authority) to the HUD Office of the Inspector General for fraud, waste and abuse:

This automatically generated message acknowledges receipt of your e-mail to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office of Inspector General (OIG).
We will assign your correspondence to one of our analysts for review in the order of receipt. Please note, we receive many more complaints than we can address immediately within OIG resources, and we receive complaints that fall outside OIG jurisdiction. Therefore, we limit investigative effort to those issues that represent the most serious potential risk to the HUD programs and operations or for which the OIG may be the only avenue of redress.
For further information on issues that fall within our jurisdiction, or for general information on points of contacts within the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other government agencies, please visit our Hotline web site at: 
It is unnecessary to resend your e-mail message or to call or e-mail us again to ask for a status report; as we can’t provide you with case status updates or other information while a review is in progress.
 We will not respond further if your issues are not a matter for OIG review. 
You will hear from us within 60 days ONLY if your issue falls within OIG jurisdiction.
 Please do not respond to this automatically generated message.
 Thank you for contacting the Hotline with your concerns.

In other words.... 'Don't call us, we'll call you.....' like.... NEVER.
I'm emboldened by the demonstrators on Wall Street, the ones who believe that our government and those principles involved in keeping our economy running need to be more responsible with our money, and more responsive to our needs.  Gone are the days when 'they' can make 'their' shady deals behind closed doors, pat us on our collective backs and whisper in our ears that all is right with the world...... No more.
People, this blog is for YOU.  If you are in HUD housing, and want to vent - do it here.  I care, I'm listening.


  1. Hud sucks see if this posts!

  2. Lydia I am homeless now due to messed up hud paper work for 3 weeks ! I did nothing wrong , they fu##ed up the paperwork! See if this goes!

  3. I care aboit you too and everyone else who wants to share what they know about hif thugs?