Saturday, November 5, 2011


I thought my blog about the 'moat' would purge me of my anger, except it didn't.  There's so much more to tell... Most of all, I'm angry at myself.  Angry because - despite my military and medical training, plus experience with the shady, underhanded way Rockville City and Rockville Housing Enterprises staff treat us residents - it didn't occur to me sooner that we were being poisoned.  My Aunt said it best:  It's nothing short of economic racism.

Let me backtrack:  First of all - my subsequent investigation indicates that the dust was more than likely coming from the industrial laundromat which abuts this property.  Our headaches were from their fan which blows chemical fumes right at our front door, and into my sons window - everyday, all day.  The noxious fumes? Probably from one or more of the four bio-hazard companies, car wash and laundromat which are located adjacent to this property.  I have to legally say things like "probably", because - despite an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) criminal 'investigation' into this situation initiated by my complaints, to date no one has been held accountable for the condition the moat was in when I found it.  No one.  And the beat goes on....

This is a historically black neighborhood with a rich history, but now it's become a ghetto, despite gentrification efforts.  That's probably why these companies saw fit to dump their toxic waste in our backyards, thinking we wouldn't notice - and no one would really care.  I couldn't say this without proof that there are 3 additional dumping sites other than the one I found next to my house, all within a five-mile radius. But, does anyone care? NO. Why??Because it wouldn't benefit them monetarily to care.  If they cared - they might have to be concerned about the Elementary School up the street, and the children's health.  They might have to close the three parks, and relocate residents.  None of that would be beneficial to the Citys' fiscal bottom line.  So, we suffer in silence.  And the beat goes on......

Stay tuned for MOAT 3, which will include pictures.  I gotta go dust.

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