Thursday, December 22, 2011


It rained yesterday.  Pretty much all day.  So, by nighttime our property was a dusky, soggy, smelly mess.  I wish I could bottle the smell for all of those people at HUD and City Government who claim daily that there's nothing wrong with this property.  All of them have a vested interest in continuing their denials, and none of them actually live here.  In fact, you couldn't PAY THEM to live here. 

They know there's a toxic cloud over this property.  A stench so bad it's almost indescribable.  My complaints have spurred an EPA investigation, a State investigation as well as a local investigation.  But, I don't expect anything to come of them because - if you do the numbers - to find an environmental problem, that would mean displacement and/or closure of an entire neighborhood, a school and at least three local parks - as well as numerous businesses.  That's the unfortunate math.  Much better to deny, deny, deny............

So, selfishly - I'm willing not to continue 'rocking the boat', so to speak.  All I'm asking is that my son and I get relocated to a more suitable home environment.  However, when I've spoken to my landlord about that possibility, they say they have no more properties in their dossier to move me / us to.  Which is a lie.  One of many they think I believe. 

As an alternative - I put my name on their Section 8 waiting list, but was told that it could take anywhere from 5-7 years to come to the top.  Mine and my sons health may not survive 5-7 years.  I'm not being melodramatic, I'm being realistic, and truthful.

Therefore, as long as I'm here, I'll continue to document our experiences, and try to publicly shame them into 'finding' more appropriate housing for us.  Why?  Because I think we've 'done our time' - so to speak, in silently suffering various and numerous indignities associated with living in RHE/HUD supported housing.  We're done.

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