Saturday, December 24, 2011


In the e-mail back and forth between myself and the Mayors office this past year, a local worker at the Department of Environmental Protection took offense at my implication that he had been lax in his duties.  In fact, he sent me a threatening e-mail message suggesting I get my facts straight before I continued "slandering" him.  Interesting......

Of course - after being sick for a year, and worrying what toxic poisons myself and my son had been exposed to - I WAS VERY concerned with "slandering" his name.  I shot him back this email:

"Mr. Martin:

You may be right, I may have confused you with Steve Davis.  I've been tossed around so many times to so many different people, that I may have lost track of whose who...
However, the technical definition of "slander" is:  'A malicious, false, and
defamatory statement or report:  A slander against his good name,  Law: Defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc....'  To my knowledge, I haven't
made any verbal false statements.  And I'd go so far as taking soil samples, and having them tested by professionals to prove my previous assertions, if need be.
  Whether it was you or Steve Davis - by your own admission - you were tasked in some way, shape or form with ensuring the health and safety of Rockville residents, and ensuring that businesses are compliant with environmental standards.   Also by your own admission - you "haven't been to the site";   Which is disappointing, to say the least.... I would think that by now you might be a little bit curious as to what I've been referring to for over a month.   That - by anyone's standards - is negligent...."

Just so we're clear:  Inclusive of all my blogs - I've not once made a malicious, false and/or defamatory statement or report against anyone involved in this situation.  I have concrete proof to back-up my assertions, and I can put my money where my mouth is - so to speak.  There are other - more serious accusations I could make, but won't - because I don't have the proof needed to be able make them.  As soon as I do - I will.

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