Thursday, December 15, 2011


Everyone waits with bated breath the year-end issue of TIME Magazine. That's when they normally pick and publish on the cover their 'Person of the Year'.  This year, instead - they chose a whole group:
'Time magazine has again turned to a concept for its latest person of the year, choosing "The Protester” in recognition of a year in which unhappiness with politics and the economy was given voice in streets around the world, most notably in the Mideast.'
“Is there a global tipping point for frustration?” asked the magazine’s top editor Rick Stengel in a statement Wednesday.  “Everywhere, it seems, people said they’d had enough,” Stengel stated. “They dissented; they demanded; they did not despair, even when the answers came back in a cloud of tear gas or a hail of bullets. They literally embodied the idea that individual action can bring collective, colossal change. And although it was understood differently in different places, the idea of democracy was present in every gathering.”

Finally ! Public recognition for people like myself who play by the rules, do what we're told - in hopes of reveling in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Except, there is no pot of gold - because - when we get there - we find that it's been looted. Looted by others who thought it was ok to take shortcuts, NOT play by the rules - look the other way as others dipped their hands into the proverbial cookie jar.

But, I'm speaking in parables.. Here: Let me be more specific: In my recent 'Whistleblower' blog posting, I detailed how the State Attorney General denied my request for Whistleblower protections, and instead referred me back to HUD to investigate itself;   Which was laughable. Well, I received notification from them (HUD) yesterday that - in fact - their official, investigative findings were that (drumroll please): THEY were right, and I was WRONG :-O
Surprise, surprise.....

That's why I'm a "protester" a "whistleblower" a "trouble-maker"... Call me what you will - but, at the end of the day - I intend to be the bane of the existence of the current HUD administration for their total apathy, lack of compassion, professionalism and accountability regarding their role in the ruination of my financial life.

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