Thursday, December 22, 2011


Compassion - or lack thereof.  That's what this blog is gonna be about.  I just finished talking to a woman who was brutally assaulted in my home four years ago.  Before I lived here.  This was before the cameras were installed.  But, it wouldn't have mattered anyway - because - even now - there are still no cameras in the rear of the property.

At the time of the assault, this woman was friends with the woman who lived in my home.  They were talking and laughing in the kitchen, when - suddenly - they heard a noise out back.  It was a man either playing with or trying to steal her patio furniture.  When she opened the door to ask him what he was doing, he forcefully pushed past her and stormed into the house.  While there, he beat her and her friend up with a gun, and grabbed a little girl who was also visiting.  The woman who was telling me this story says that her skull was cracked open during the assault, requiring 38 stitches, and to this day she still has dizzy spells and gets headaches.  She's never been the same since.

They fought him off, and called the police.  However, the police botched the investigation, and no one was ever caught or prosecuted for the crime.  

These poor women were forced to continue living here for years afterwards, because it didn't occur to anyone at Rockville Housing Enterprises to offer them a compassionate transfer to another property.  They're cold, callous, insensitive, greedy and ruthless people.  These are the same people who forced someone to move the same week her mother died;  Because it was financially beneficial to THEM.

Do you think anyone at RHE told me the history of my home? Of course not.  Why?  Because - once again - it wouldn't have been financially beneficial for them to do so.

At least I understand the cameras better, but I'm so mad right now, I could spit. 

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