Sunday, January 15, 2012


My son and I have been complaining about rats and mice in our home for over six (6) months.  We primarily see them in our livingroom, and kitchen areas.  Last week, I waited till 1:00pm to go downstairs to eat, because I was so scared.

Although Orkin Extermination Services are contracted by my Housing Authority, they've 'missed' coming to my home for the last three months, for whatever reason.....

And we still have the mice / rats.  Just tonight, my son came running upstairs in a panic, after seeing another one.  But, no - let me rewind 72 hours....

Last Thursday night I was in the livingroom on the computer, and I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.  I looked, and sure enough - I caught the back end of the rat/mouse.  It had a long tail.  Of course - me being a girl - I screamed.  LOUD.  Woke my son up.... Poor thing.....

He had been saying that he was seeing them all along, but - because I hadn't actually seen one myself, I had only half believed him.... I thought he was just grossing his mom out for the fun factor.

But, yep - there it was... big, fat, slow and grey.... DEFINATELY NOT a tenant you want in your house.

First thing Friday morning I'm on the phone to my landlord.  The Housing Authority Manager says that he can't (or won't) get Orkin out to my house until Tuesday, but that he would leave little sticky things (traps) at my door.

Leave little sticky things at my door.  Little sticky things.... At. my. door.

Needless to say - that was unacceptable.  So, I call the HUD Field Office, and tell them that I have rodents, and that my landlord won't do anything about it.  Well, it was true to MY understanding.  I don't count 'leaving little sticky things at my door' an appropriate response.

The HUD Field Office lady calls me - says:  "Well, they SAID they were gonna help you on Tuesday".  I said:  "Lookee here - lady, if YOU had a RAT in YOUR house - would YOU wanna wait till Tuesday????!!!!" (I really did say that).

So, needless to say - she got my manager / landlord out that same day, where he pretended to be REALLY concerned about them... HHHhhhhhhmmmmnnnn.......

When I asked if we could get a cat, since nothing else seems to have worked these last six months;  He replied:  "Well, first you would need to provide a $300.00 deposit, and Orkin can't put an invisible shield of powder or other chemical along the fenceline because PETA might object....."

I pay rent here, but god forbid PETA might object.... HHhhhhhhhmmmmmnnn.......
This is the insanity and illogical rationale I have to live with daily.  THEY can poison US, but WE can't poison the rats... Makes no damn sense.  NONE.  We can be traumatized and suffer - just so long as THEY profit, and PETA's happy.
Welcome to my life. 

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