Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We have a saying, here in the 'hood.  It's called: 'shady', meaning anyone or anything which is not totally honest, and/or a situation which seems suspicious.  That's 'shady'.

I myself don't like dealing with shady people, and try to avoid shady situations at all costs.  That's part of the reason I stopped going to RHE Board Meetings, and Resident Council meetings.  I always felt like I had to take really hot showers afterwards....

What am I talking about?

Well, let's begin at the beginning.....:  The first home I rented through RHE was in a complex due for demolition within two years after my moving there.  The justification to HUD that RHE was making for the demolition was that the property was in distress, old and unlivable - yet - they continued to house us there, and profit from our rents.... As well, they continued to hire unlicensed contractors to make cosmetic upgrades.  Shady.

Anyway, they get a pot of gold from the City to help "relocate" us (that's what they called it), with promises to reimburse us for moving costs, as well as miscellaneous charges we might incur due to our relocation.  I didn't get any of that money, and nobody I know did either.  So, where did the money go??  Shady.

During this whole time, they needed to prove that there was an active resident council - in order that everything appear 'politically correct'.  So, I join - like a dummy.  My position? Treasurer.  When I heard whispers that there was an account specifically set aside for resident expenditures, and I asked how much was in the account,  and how we could access it - I was told that information was 'confidential'.  That was the end of my tenure as Treasurer.  Shady.

So, I take solace that we will be given first option to buy back through a creative mortgage/Section 8 Certificate program where our monthly payments would go towards ownership of the new homes, as promised.  Didn't happen;  Because - all of a sudden - the money set aside for this program magically disappeared.  Shady.

Whatever.... At least I know that they're responsible custodians of my escrow account, right?  You guessed it - my money mysteriously disappeared.  Again.  Shady.

No matter - I'll just sign an extension of the same contract (what the hell was I thinking???!!!), and benefit after another two years.  Right??!!  WRONG.  Not only did the money disappear this time, but the contract itself disappeared from my RHE file as well.  Luckily, I still have my copy.  But, that's SHADY, right ?!

How about when my landlord puts a letter on my door that workers are coming to my home today, and no one shows up??  Once again - SHADY.

My grandmother was a very wise woman.  She said:  "If a man lies, he'll cheat.  If a man lies and cheats, he'll steal.... "  Yeah.  Shady. 

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