Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I started to title this blog: "The American Dream - Deferred"... Because that's what this is, but 'Privacy' fits better with what I want to say.

Privacy.  Or the lack of.  That's what I have.  Believe it or not, I'm a VERY private person, however - living in public housing you give up certain things - privacy being one of them.  My life is an open book; Unfortunately.  I get audited yearly.  Think IRS type of audit.  They make me sign waivers of information to access my job information, health information, bank information, court records, my kids school information... etc... You name it - they get into it.  And, if you've ever been audited by the IRS, you know it's an extremely uncomfortable situation.  Picture enduring it for ten years. Every single year.

It's especially uncomfortable for someone like myself, because I'm an honest person.  Whatever they need to know - all they have to do is ask - and I would probably tell them.

But no - they feel the need to sneak around behind my back and build a dossier hoping to find... WHAT ???!!!

Let's not even mention the fact that they go through my house when I'm not home (don't ask me how I know this), take pictures, go through my medicine cabinet, refrigerator and drawers.  I've had stuff stolen, unplugged and rearranged.  It's enough to drive someone nuts.

I had someone comment on my blog recently:  "How come you don't just get a basement apartment in a nicer neighborhood?"  Because that's not an option under this housing authority.  They funnel people where they want them to be.  My last home I had to endure it for years living next to a bunch of rednecks who made no bones about the fact that they didn't want us there.  And the court / administrative system in this County is geared in favor of landlords.  So, as horrible as my situation is -- I've heard of private landlords treating their tenants far worse.  This one woman recently told me that her landlord stalked her, and threatened her daily with eviction.  HUD housing is supposed to be a tad more civilized... And it is.... just a tad. 

Which leads me to 'The American Dream'.  It's supposed to be: A house, two car garage, 2.5 children, and a dog.  Right?  Not "a basement apartment in a nice neighborhood."  Not to be facetious, but I don't know why everyone else can have The American Dream, but I (we) can't.  Can someone PLEASE tell me THIS?!


  1. And, you know - it occurred to me after I posted this: According to the person who commented on my earlier blog - poor people should be relegated to being housed in attics or basements?! That just doesn't seem right....

  2. Did not mean to imply anything by suggesting a basement. Was thinking of a nice house where the owner/landlord created a nice space as rental income. This could be used as a stepping stone toward the next place. Sorry if it came off offensive. Have the highest respect for everyone regardless of socioeconomic position for as we all know that can change in a heartbeat either way. Been there through both swings. Good luck with your quest. I admire your courage and ability to positively channel your frustration. Your tenacity will payoff and you will get your dream.

  3. Have you written to Oprah about this situation? She and her staff are incredibly powerful and your situation is likely ubiquitous across the country. Another option is to find a good lawyer who will take the case pro bono or on contingency. Good luck.